Leadership Microcoaching

Lisa A. Bing
Wednesday, October 28, 2015
13:15 - 14:15
Lord Baltimore Hotel

Leadership Microcoaching

Led by Lisa A. Bing, an expert in leadership development, leadership microcoaching is a brief session (approximately 15 to 20 minutes), in which a symposium attendee, either alone or in a small group, focuses on a key leadership issue that is standing—or could stand—in the way of progress.

The sessions run concurrently with the app labs, so individuals who participate in microcoaching will need to break away briefly from an app lab for the coaching session or opt to do only coaching during that time block. Not everyone will be able to participate in this opportunity, given limited time. If you’re interested, contact Jeff Cobb as soon as possible—we’ll schedule the sessions on a first-come-first-served basis.


It can be challenging to implement even the greatest of strategies for growing and improving an education business. Microcoaching allows attendees to direct their own learning, homing in on a particular leadership issue.