Helping make the symposium possible

Thanks to Our Executive Sponsor

YourMembership, Executive Sponsor

YourMembership is an organization’s gold mine, offering a hub of innovative forward thinking products. YM provides the technology and services that empower professional education programs with more engaging, scalable, and profitable eLearning experiences. Our award-winning learning management software, Crowd Wisdom™, is specifically designed for professional education with a highly flexible and intuitive system that customizes the learning experience. Crowd Wisdom™ seamlessly integrates with key systems to manage all of your educational content formats in one central location. Support your strategy across all devices and platforms, deliver to a global audience, and empower your organization to be the key voice for your industry with YourMembership.

On January 5, 2015, YourMembership announced that it would add Digital Ignite’s Learning Management System to its expanding suite of products. This significant addition makes YourMembership the leading engagement platform for organizations, delivering upon their mission of helping associations, organizations, publishers, and other companies succeed by improving personalized user interactions across the web, social, and mobile channels.

“We’re excited to again sponsor this event that aligns so closely with our own focus on building and delivering effective learning experiences.”

Tamer Ali, senior vice president and general manager of cloud software, YourMembership
Tamer Ali

Thanks to Our General Sponsors

CommPartners, General Sponsor

CommPartners’ mission is to help associations conceive, develop and fulfill their education strategy. Our collaboration and support helps to position our clients as the premiere source for knowledge within their communities.

Our solutions begin with Elevate LMS, our award winning learning platform that provides a central knowledge community that drives engagement and collaboration. Elevate brings together curriculum development, informal sharing of knowledge, social learning, and live onsite and online events. The synergy between these learning formats provides a structure that stimulates a high level of interest and loyalty from communities. Elevate enables, empowers and engages users with custom learning experiences that are enriched by peer collaboration to form dynamic experiences.

To extend the value of Elevate, CommPartners provides a wide range of online education services including curriculum design, instructional design, webcasts, livestream programs and virtual conferences.

  • One company for your LMS, Online Events and eLearning
  • One strategic relationship to engage your community seamlessly and professionally

We’re thrilled to team with Tagoras for our initial Leading Learning Symposium. CommPartners believes in the power of knowledge to drive success and engagement. Bringing leaders together in this setting inspires and supports unique opportunities for innovation in learning.

Rich Finstein, CEO, CommPartners
Rich Finstein

Higher Logic, General Sponsor

Higher Logic is an industry leader in cloud-based community platforms, with over 25 million engaged members in more than 200,000 communities. Organizations worldwide use Higher Logic to bring like-minded people all together, by giving their community a home where they can meet, share ideas, answer questions, and stay connected.

Higher Logic aims to empower engagement, collaboration, and community evolution, which we believe are the fundamental elements to the long-term relevance of any organization. By fostering community growth, you can open up a world of possibility. Tap into the power your community can generate for you.

“We’re excited to partner with Tagoras a second time for the Leading Learning Symposium. Higher Logic aims to bring like-minded people all together for collaboration and continuous learning. The symposium reaches for the same goal by bringing together leaders in the business of lifelong learning.”

Andy Steggles, president and chief customer officer, Higher Logic