What 2015 Attendees Have to Say About the Symposium

We think the Leading Learning Symposium is the best opportunity available to leaders in the business of lifelong learning—but don’t take our word for it. See the videos and text below for what attendees at the 2015 Leading Learning Symposium have to say about the experience and its value.

Vickie Lamb, Senior Vice President, Continuing Professional Development, Global Association of Risk Professionals

Ralph Gaillard, Chief Learning Director, Illinois CPA Society

Karen Lee, Past President, Association for Continuing Legal Education (ACLEA)

Diane Simmons, Chief Learning Officer, American Academy of Dermatology

Edward Woods III, Director of Learning and Leadership Experiences, Michigan Society of Association Executives

Amanda Beckner, Vice President of Learning, Infocomm International

“A wonderfully crafted approach to leadership and learning issues reflecting both current issues around the science and philosophy of learning as well as practical insights to program design.”

Ric Camacho, Head of Digital, Specialty Food Association
Ric Camacho, Specialty Food Association

“Tagoras put together an intensive learning event that modeled innovative practices for productive learning and surfaced stimulating ideas from dynamic speakers and the wide range of learning leaders at many types of association. It was impressive how much we came away with after only two days.”

Mary Mackay, Marketing Director, American Library Association
Mary Mackay, ALA

“The Leading Learning Symposium is a concentrated learning experience that reignites the relevance, the connections, and the collaborations related to the delivery of lifelong learning.”

Tim Gregory, Vice President, Education, Heart Rhythm Society
Tim Gregory, Heart Rhythm Society

The content was relevant, the agenda was thoughtful, and the speakers were excellent. I got more out of the first four hours of the symposium than the past four months of research, planning, and contemplating how to move forward with an e-learning strategy.

Mark Nilles, Program Director, Learning & Impact, InsideNGO
Mark Nilles, InsideNGO

“There is not anyone else providing this kind of deep and meaningful opportunity for association learning professionals to come together regarding the business of learning. Tagoras has taken their concept of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of a Chief Learning Market Officer and built an incredibly valuable learning community.”

Josh Goldman, Vice President, Learning, Ohio Society of CPAs
Josh Goldman, Ohio Society of CPAs

“This was the most efficient learning event I’ve ever been to in two regards: (1) the number of people I met who were in a situation very similar to mine and (2) the number of useful ideas I got from those people and from the presenters.”

David Jennings, Vice President, Education, Community Associations Institute
Dave Jennings

“Stimulating content using engaging formats that we can replicate in our own associations.”

Beverly Hancock, Director of Educational Programs, American Organization of Nurse Executives

“The Leading Learning Symposium is the best resource for your growth. You’ll curate ideas, hear from thought leaders, and reevaluate your education strategy.”

Alla Orlova, Director of Curriculum Development, InfoComm International

“I have reached out to colleagues and peers I know from other financial professional organizations and told them it’s a ‘must go’ for next year.”

Vickie Lamb , Senior Vice President, Continuing Professional Development, Global Association of Risk Professionals

“In many organizations the daily struggle to shift from simply cooperating to truly collaborating to create coherent efforts is very real. This symposium achieved the right balance of expert and participant voices in meaning-making and as a result walked the talk of addressing multiple areas of concern within any one organization.”

Sharon Roth, Division Director of Professional Learning, National Council of Teachers of English

“The symposium content was developed specifically to understand how to deliver effective continuing education in our current environment. Our understanding of how people learn has changed so much during the last 50 years with advances in technology and content delivery, audience demographics, and expectations, and the explosion of providers in the CE market, but many of our association teaching methods, delivery channels, and marketing strategies have not! The symposium can help you focus on operating in the 21st century and plan for the future.”

Karen Lee, Past President, Association for Continuing Legal Education

“This conference is unlike any other event you’ve attended. It brings together several industries, rather than the one you’re in, and we share best practices with a modern approach to learning. “

Francesca Zampaglione, Vice President, Professional Education, Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants

“This was a thought-provoking, energizing learning experience that will make you a better learning leader.”

Carol Hodes, Executive Director, Knowledge Management, NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement

“What a great learning experience. The entire event was designed with the idea that participants would came away with immediately actionable ideas, not only related to associations’ professional development initiatives but also pertaining to strategic thinking and executive leadership.”

Raffaele Vitelli, Director, Professional and Workforce Development, National Association of Social Workers

“My notebook is literally full of ‘idea bubbles,’ little highlighted notes with easy-to-do but important changes I want to make on both the small and large scale. I ended both days energized, excited, and inspired to put what I had learned into practice.”

Julia Richards, Director, Operations & Business Development, ZERO TO THREE

“The Leading Learning Symposium is the one learning event that I’ve attended that truly works to walk the talk, building programming and activities that model best practices in learning. It is also the one place where I felt that I was wholly in an audience of my peers. Everyone there was involved in association (or association-like) learning.”

Carol Abel , Vice President, Education, Food Marketing Institute

“This symposium brings together the leading learning innovators, consultants, vendors, and organizational leaders who are providing learning for their constituents in one venue to address the latest challenges and ideas for excellence in providing continuing education.”

Kory Ward-Cook , CEO, National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

“This was the best and most beneficial conference I’ve ever attended for my own professional development. Most of the ‘learning’ conferences I find are geared toward internal staff training or actually developing courses or are strategic without the ‘learning’ aspect, etc…. It was so affirming and encouraging to have conversations with so many people in the same boat, with the same challenges, and often the same goals as my position and my organization.”

Kristina Franz, Director of Education, ARMA International

“The symposium is an intimate gathering of learning practitioners sharing challenges and ideas in a relaxed learning environment. The presenters are the attendees which ensures a connection with the audience.”

Pat Mangan, Director, Governance Education, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

“Stuck in a rut or facing an insurmountable problem? Join your colleagues at the Leading Learning Symposium to discover new ways of thinking and find solutions to your biggest challenges.”

Emilee Hughes, Senior Director, Curriculum Development, Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation

“This was a great learning experience. Having the opportunity to learn from others who are grappling with many of the same educational business challenges was such an amazing experience. Thank you for an amazing interactive learning experience.”

Jodi Whiteman, Director, Center for Training Services, ZERO TO THREE

“Being around other like-minded association educators was insightful and empowering. We were able to share successes and failures openly without fear of rejection.”

Stephanie Owen, Education Manager, National Wood Flooring Association

“Useful and applicable content delivered in various sizes and mediums that will make a difference both professionally and personally.”

Edward Woods III , Director of Learning and Leadership Experiences, Michigan Society of Association Executives

“My colleagues should attend the Leading Learning Symposium to interact with like-minded people who are seeking to promote life-long learning.”

LaTrease Garrison, Director, Administrative and Programmatic Technologies/Interim Director, Professional Advancement Team, American Chemical Society

“There is no other program for association education professionals like this—it was great to connect with others in the same field. What a terrific opportunity to experience some of the future of learning trends first hand! We are going to take some of the elements of this event and incorporate them into our own conferences. Looking forward to next year!”

Amy Mawyer, Vice President, Strategy & Development, Virginia Society of CPAs

“The #1 reason for attending is to make connections with others who create educational programs for members (as opposed to those who create programs for their company’s employees). Even if these folks are in other industries, there are more similarities than differences. You can learn a lot from those connections.”

Diane Rhodes-Michaely , Senior Representative, Education Programs & Strategies, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

“As a ‘recovering engineer,’ this event really pushed me out of my comfort zone. Having attended similar educational offerings (Learning 2014) that had much greater attendance, it was easier for me to blend into the background. With such a small group, I was forced to do ‘the work’ and, on reflection, got much more out of this event both professionally and personally.”

Mary Ackleson, Senior Program Manager, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

“The number one reason I recommend this to a colleague is the opportunity to not only learn from industry experts but learn and connect from your peers.”

Jennifer Pitts , Director, Products and Programs, National Association for Healthcare Quality

“Excellent presenters! Well planned symposium!”

Brett Miller, Vice President, Education and Certification, National Wood Flooring Association